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Why service plans?

Knowing the customer

Designing the service plan

Design the customer journey

Service plan
marketing & sales

Marketing assets and tools required

Growing your
service plan business

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All The Knowledge You Need To Create Recurring Revenue For Your Heating Business

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Why Service plans?

Besides the monthly injection of money into your bank account, having a service plan will help your plumbing & heating business balance its workflow and push work and finances away from the busy season into warmer months filling the quieter months with regular work and creating more capacity in the colder months to make more profit!

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Knowing the customer

Do your customers want to keep costs down as much as possible, or do they want all the help & support you can offer? Do they want the basics to meet regulations and the manufacturer's instructions? Do these customers have elderly parents who need additional support or care?
Are they landlords or estate agents with legal responsibilities?

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Designing the service plan

In the previous section, we brainstormed who our target customers are and what they "really" want. In this section, we will spend more time developing the first plan or multiple levels of service plan.

Before diving into the differences between Plan A, B & C, take a few minutes to think of how you can "brand" your plans giving some indication that each level provides more value than the last option. 

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Design the customer journey

Improving your sales must start by asking better questions. However, it's understanding that sometimes it is not what you say, but when you say it, that completes the sale.

Now that we know who our customers are, what they want and what is and isn't included in our service plan, we can map out the marketing & sales process for several different customer types to maximise every opportunity to build our reoccurring revenue.

Understand the journey

Service plan marketing & sales

Your service plan is now taking shape, but nobody will know that you can give them what they "really" want without some form of marketing. Let's start with the basics and test our plans before adding further layers of complexity. 

Offers & Promotions

We have already looked at how to layer value into the service plan to give long-term peace of mind to our customers that their homes will remain cosy, safe & energy efficient. However, most people are busy; if the deadline is next year, they will wait until next year! We must now create an offer & promotion for our different types of customers that creates the urgency to make the buying decision.

Improve your converstions

Marketing assets and tools required

Now that we have the essentials in place, it's time to start building professional sales assets that will attract and sell our Service plan.

As mentioned in the previous section, SEO is a great way to grow your customer database and Service Plan revenue. Once we have our Service Plan ready to sign customers up, let's start building the marketing funnel on the Service Plan Landing page. Here are the ingredients.

Marketing assets

Growing your service plan business

We have built a Service Plan Calculator to help you see the value of building service plans.
You will notice how small numbers built up over time can create an impressive return with little risk to the business compared to other heating work types.

In the example, we have demonstrated how 100 Service Plan signups every year for 5 years could build into a healthy £45k annual return. Now, 45k annually might not excite you, but when you add up years one to five, that's over £139k when compounded.

If £139k is worth spending a few weeks putting your plan together and getting your plan live, you can nod your head and stop to think what you would do with that cash..

Grow that service plan!

Who are these chaps?

The Boiler Business Yoda!
Tom is a veteran heating engineer and boiler installer with 15 years of experience within the heating industry. From struggling sole trader plumber to running a specialist boiler installation & service company, Tom has seen it all with 1500 boilers on the wall.

Rob behind the camera
Rob is an award-winning marketing professional with two decades of professional marketing experience. He has seen the rise of digital marketing and adapted businesses to embrace the format rather than fear it. The opportunity to lead your market for a minimal budget is right here, right now, and Rob will help you see how you can apply effective marketing to your business in a jargon-free way.

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Date TBC
Online 5.00pm - 8.00pm

All The Knowledge You Need To Create Recurring Revenue For Your Heating Business

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Service plan workshop online

Please allocate 3 hours for this workshop.