Why did your Website & SEO fail to deliver?

Build it, and they will come! Hmmm...

When it comes to websites and customers, this is one of the most frustrating aspects of running your own business. Having a website has many benefits, but for most people, it has failed to deliver on the one reason you invested your money. 
Why is your Website & SEO not generating leads?
First, we need to understand that there are two sides to SEO. For the rest of this page, we will refer to them as National & Local SEO.

What is National SEO?

National SEO affects traditional organic listings and can be applied to any website/ webpage to answer any search phrase found in any country across the planet. An example of a National search would be "How efficient are heat pumps?" or "How to top up your boiler pressure."

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO, however, contains different factors and strategies to help a business get found for search phrases with local intent. Example, "boiler repair reading" or "Leeds Air conditioning service." Because Google knows that searches that contain Geographic placenames have "local" intent, it will display a map area normally with three local companies above the national results.
Now that we know that for best results, understanding both sides of SEO is required, let's take a closer look at the most common reasons why your GMB is not getting enquiries and why your website is not ranking.

Ongoing GMB/GBP, SEO Performance Tracking

Having a well-planned website with excellent copy and slick design is a great start, but it is unlikely to reach the full potential of web visitors and job enquiries without ongoing work in all the right areas.

As with most things in business development, knowing where the business strengths and opportunities for growth are can only be achieved by tracking data and taking action to improve the results.

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30'000 ft online performance

It can be overwhelming to jump right into the ocean of data available through the many tools available to track online performance. That is why we must first look at the fundamental insights to find where opportunities are hiding behind that shiny new website you are so proud of but have yet to produce the phone calls you expect to flood in.

Are you getting clicks tracked in Google Search Console?
What about the clicks tracked by your GMB Google Business Profile?
You can also see calls directly from the GMB Google Business Profile, which is the essential data we need before drilling down into how we can make improvements.

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Website performance with Google Search Console

Total clicks, total impressions, what are the most popular search queries? What landing page receives the most traffic? Are the clicks, traffic & impressions going up or down over time? Can you compare that to the last quarter or the same quarter the previous year?

Basic numbers can guide you toward quick wins and highlight the massive game-changing wins we must work towards.

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Tracking GMB Performance

Your Google Business Profile Data (GBP/GMB) is the other easy-to-use tool for measuring local SEO performance. Clicks, Calls, Direct Messages and the Search enquiry breakdown all help highlight if your efforts are crushing it or if you need to work with an expert. The analytic insights are quite basic in GBP/GMB but give easy-to-consume numbers on what they report. Better data is found in professional SEO packages.

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Local Search Grids

Professional SEO software allows you to get more granular in your research and reporting. We use search grids to monitor how visible your Google Business Profile (GBP/GMB) is in the local map pack for your most profitable services. The results found here can influence your online plan or highlight that significant effort is needed to get the results you are not currently achieving.

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Tracking Google Ranking

When planning your website, you should have planned Topical Authority and which keyword phrases are used to find your business's services. Setting up tracking to monitor how your website performs for these keyword phrases is essential. These results are similar to your Local Search Grid results, but you will compete with regional & national companies competing for those same keyword phrases.

Although organic search results have national competition, you, as the local business, will have the advantage over them if your website is planned and built for topical authority. You need to track Google rankings and be ready to create more "local content" than the competition to succeed.

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Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to keep track of your website traffic gaining much more detailed insights into how visitors engage with your website. This information is used to make informed decisions about where we need to focus SEO budget, content creation or technical improvements to your website.

Google Analytics generates detailed reports on user demographics, behaviour, and acquisition channels, which help small business owners and our team better understand what is happening on your website. The other Google free tools do not let you check where the clicks and visitors are coming from in the UK. There is no point getting 1000 clicks per week if 97% are from London and other cities outside your working area of south Manchester. Sometimes bigger numbers can mislead you, but using and understanding the tools that professionals use will get you professional results.

Overall, Google Analytics is an indispensable tool to help small business owners dominate their local area without paying to share a space with their competition on somebody else's website.

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Tracking Authority
Backlinks & Citations

Many factors go into a successful SEO campaign, and building backlinks and citations is one of the most important for new websites or existing websites competing in competitive industries. Unless you are a national company competing with British Gas and Boiler Guide, most of your competition (local heating businesses) do not have solid online authority. A new website still needs links from trusted websites and a citation-building campaign to get the ball rolling towards dominating the local search.

We use professional SEO software to keep track of all the links pointing to your website and ensure that they are high-quality and authoritative. This helps to improve your search engine rankings and increase your overall visibility online. Our software allows us to monitor your backlinks in real-time, identifying any issues or negative SEO tactics that may harm your site's reputation. By staying on top of your backlinks and citations, we can help you achieve long-term success and build a solid online presence.

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Competitor Analysis 

To beat your competitors, you need to understand what makes their website and rankings stronger than your own. Our Competitor Analysis tools provide valuable insights into what they're doing and how to outsmart them. By examining rivals' SEO strategies, keyword targeting, and backlinks, we identify opportunities and gaps in the market. With our help, you'll make informed decisions and gain an edge in your local area.

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